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These are just a few references from Webbed Otter clients around the country.  If you would like to visit any of these sites, the link will open in a new window.

I’ve worked with Kel for many years in different capacities so when it was time to build the Parker Ranch website I knew exactly who I would turn to. Kel jumped into the project with much appreciated enthusiasm and walked me through step by step. Her leadership allowed me to remain focused on the work I needed to do to build my business while she handled the website. Kel brought me in when decisions needed to be made and her turn-around time was amazingly quick. I’m very pleased with the Parker Ranch website and she continues to guide me through the extra steps of Facebook and search engine rankings. I know I can continue to count on Kel to keep me up to speed with my internet presence. As always, Kel is fun to work with, very knowledgeable, patient and reliable. Oh...And she is my first customer at the Parker Ranch! Thanks Kel! – Becky Hoover, The Parker Ranch

Working with Kel Kyle on designing and hosting my son's website (CarsonClarkPhoto) was such a pleasure, that I have decided to have Kel redesign and host my website. Kel listens to the client as to what they want and then takes it from there. You will not be disappointed. The cost is very reasonable and she takes the worry out of setting up a website. Kel is very knowledgeable about what works and what doesn't. If you want someone who is flexible, creative, and customer-oriented, then give Kel a try. Oh, I should mention that Kel is so much fun to work with, too!  -- Jim Clark, Contributing Editor, Outdoor Photographer Magazine

For the past three years, I have had the privilege of dealing with Kel Kyle of Webbed Otter. Because of the excellent recommendation from a mutual friend, I contacted Kel to design and host a website for our local Catholic school, St. John Neumann Regional Academy.
She did a phenomenal job on the initial set-up of our website, and has since been there for me each and every time that I call or email her. She always gets things done in a timely fashion. She is friendly, knowledgeable and reliable. Her expertise in the area of website design and maintenance is exceptional.
I would not hesitate to recommend Webbed Otter to friends and colleagues. As a matter of fact, I just gave her name and information to a good friend that is in need of a new website. I assured him, and I assure you, that Webbed Otter is the right choice for your web design and maintenance. -- Kathy M. Bahr, Development Director - St. John Neumann Regional Academy

 The Webbed Otter offers an excellent value in web site building and hosting.  Her software package makes it easy for you to set up your own site, or have her customize it for you.  In addition to creating a fantastic website for The Mindful Eye, with heavy customization work, Kel hosts and maintains the site -- keeping everything backed up and running smoothly for us.  She also built Marti's website, customized her blog and is in the process of creating a new website for Craig.  Having Kel take care of all of our sites frees us up to do what we want to do -- be photographers and teachers of photography.  We are very pleased with her work on our sites.  -- Craig Tanner & Marti Jeffers- The Mindful Eye

Wow! What a difference your software and talented personnel have made for my business website. You took me from a “homemade” site that was difficult to maintain to a very professional looking site in very little time. By far, the greatest improvement is that I can make updates to the site myself with minimal effort. Thank you for your professional work, quality product, and attention to detail. I couldn’t be happier. -- Dallas Gamble - Home Safe Altanta

 We highly recommend the Webbed Otter! We have found her work, character and response time is great.
When we switched hosting firms, our website was up and running in record time thanks to Kel. She converted our existing site into her software package, FlexCMS, retaining our original design. And thanks to her software we can easily maintain our website using only our web browser! She even helped develop our enewsletter which we were then able to send out to all our customers on schedule! The Webbed Otter is a company you can count on in today’s business world. -- Cindy Jones, former owner of Digital Eyez Surveillance Solutions.

The Webbed Otter developed my website in July of 2003 and I am quite surprised at how comfortable I find myself using it. It is very user-friendly and the directions for maintaining my site are explicit and easy to comprehend - I don't need to memorize everything!
Otter also hosts and provides domain name services, which is quite convenient, making it a one stop shop for me! I don't have time to "live" at the computer so this new site has been a godsend. It's also nice to know the site can be upgraded or changed as needed. My customers are very pleased with it.
I only wish I had found her sooner! -- Jeanette Rees, Needle Delights

I have been working with the Webbed Otter since November of 2001. She has developed a wonderful website for my company, Sparkle Girl Inc. I have had nothing but positive feedback from my customers about my website. The Webbed Otter is very is easy to work with and is quick to respond to my needs. In addition to all of that, the Otter is always thinking of ways to help make my business more profitable and I really appreciate it!
If you are considering a contract for a website or any other type of web business needs, take my word that choosing the Webbed Otter will be the best decision that you have ever made for your online business presence!!
I’m truly thankful for the Webbed Otter and I wish her much success in her future!!! --Bonita Cason-Atlow, Owner & Party Coordinator, Sparkle Girl, Inc.

Working with the Webbed Otter was one of the best decisions I have made in starting up my company. I dreaded the research necessary to learn how to build a website, create eye-catching graphics, setup the pop mail accounts, register with the search engines, etc., etc. The list of things to do was daunting, and then when the Webbed Otter laid out a plan of action that would accomplish every thing I needed, plus more, was I ecstatic!
I have made a lot of decisions in starting this business, but without a doubt, the one to have Webbed Otter handle my website has been the one I have been most happy with. -- Charles Hodge, Owner - Install Solutions, Inc.

AWESOME!!! That's the only way to describe The Webbed Otter's web design and maintenance service. As a fast growing law firm, we needed our site available, dependable, easy-to-use, and visible. The Webbed Otter made it happen and happen fast.
When one of our attorneys made the news with a big case and everyone wanted to download the brief, The Webbed Otter came to the rescue and saved us from hundreds of time consuming calls. Even technically challenged consumers were better served through The Otter's easy-to-understand download instructions. They were able to get what they needed and our attorneys were able to continue handling their workloads uninterrupted.
When I told The Webbed Otter it needed to happen "yesterday," I got the priority maintenance I needed and was promised. We highly recommend The Webbed Otter's design and maintenance services to anyone serious about growing and building their business. It works for us and it can work for your business, too. -- Jude Litzenberger, Esq.
P.S. I liked the Webbed Otter's work so much, that when I started my own legal practice I chose her again.

I would highly recommend the Webbed Otter to anyone who wishes to have a very professional web site created. She developed our poker tournament site and we have had great reviews from all our players. We have grown at a very rapid rate and I personally believe it is from the site she has developed for us.
The Webbed Otter is very professional in all matters and has always done just as she has agreed. If you desire a website that will stand out above others, then the Webbed Otter is the best choice. -- Dave Freeze, Owner - Snowy & BigD0000's Poker Challenge

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