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About Webbed Otter

The original idea for what has developed as the Webbed Otter ("WO"), began in 1995 when I decided to learn html in my spare-time (jokingly referred to as midnight to 6 a.m.). You see, for years I had donated my time to fundraise for various non-profit organizations in California and Georgia. As I investigated prices for having someone build a website, I discovered that it could be quite costly, making it virtually (pun intended) unaffordable to many organizations.

Consequently, I invested hundreds of hours of time outside my 'regular' job to learn website design in hopes that I could offer an affordable alternative to 'outrageous' web design prices. I've since dedicated and donated thousands of hours to various non-profit organizations building websites at low cost and many cases, for free, or as much as my personal budget would permit. And the rest as you know is history!

In early 2003, I was fortunate enough to meet David Cook of
DCSun Internet Technologies on a tech forum.  We instantly struck up a friendship via email and within months decided to team up and develop our own easy to use content management system. FlexCMS hit the web not too long after that and six years later I am proud to say that we have an incredible amount of people using FlexCMS worldwide from personal to business websites!   Well over 90% of my clients use FlexCMS and are thrilled to have a webstite they truly can update on their own!


  • You'll always be treated in a courteous and professional manner.
  • To assist non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals by creating an affordable website.
  • To offer discounted prices to non-profit organizations and groups.
  • To continue to expand and offer a full suite of services.

Payment Options

Visa/MasterCard, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks and Personal / Business checks (checks must clear before final work product is delivered).  

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